Selecting a school for your children is considered one of the most important decisions in a child's life. Madinaty Integrated Language Schools (MILS) is situated in a "Cosmopolitan City on an Egyptian Land". It has been perfectly set up to meet the demands of different sectors in the community.

The school is divided into two sections: English and French(High Level), all of which provide the Egyptian National Curriculum. Each section is separated from the other to provide the students with the proper environment which would allow them to practise their language of instruction all day through.

Our real challenge is delivering the curriculum through utilising the most recent international educational techniques and cutting-edge technological applications while acknowledging the role of the various activities such as sports, arts, trips...etc. in the development of skills and building of character.

One of our major objectives is accepting individual differences and enhancing team work. This is vitally important in reinforcing the students' ability to form an opinion, take a decision and tackle a problem besides enhancing their sense of independence and nourishing their imaginative skills.

Through our slogan "Variety of Cultures", we aim at providing the community with highly efficient and skilful individuals capable of leading their country to a better future.