About Madinaty Integrated Language Schools (MILS)

Our School

A well-respected National school in Cairo, Egypt. Founded in 2014, Madinaty Integrated Language Schools, MILS, opened its doors to encompass 300 children in its first year of operation. It was the second language school located at the heart of Madinaty City and the only school in the neighbourhood offering a French stream of education besides the English stream. The school lays a huge weight on the importance of the high academic achievement fused with social and cultural awareness.  We are blessed with our highly passionate educators and administrative team with extensive experience in education which makes our school so unique. At MILS our belief is that a sound and solid foundation of core values and ethics is always a shared responsibility between home and school.

MILS enjoys a warm, welcoming, secure and healthy environment where are members are endowed with opportunities to learn, develop and excel. We are growing steadily and surely with more than 1500 students currently enrolled from Pre-K through Grade 12.

Our commitment is to raise independent, respectful and resolute individuals capable of changing their world into the better.

We are part of GEMS Education global network of schools now, this means your children will enjoy access to world class education standards and opportunities. It also provides us with the necessary systems and structures for teachers and staff to share and develop outstanding practice.